Handcrafted limited edition - Unique pieces due to natural material
A trending exotic that’s beautiful, durable & ethically responsible. Combining the exotic appearance of snake skin with the feeling of cold , salmon leather is light, thin, and surprisingly strong compared to traditional leathers. The salmon are raised on certified organic farms with only the highest quality skins chosen for tanning and dying. Each skin is tanned using 100% chrome-free materials and then stretched and stitched by hand, making each piece entirely unique. - Handcrafted Thin King overlayred with salmon skin - Each product and package numbered. Available only from My o My store Helsinki and Sfäär Store Tallinn.
Size: 62 x 88 x 8 mm / width: 3.5" height: 2.4" depth: 0.3"
Weight: 46 grams
Design: Volver Creative
Thin King Heritage Salmon Skin SOLD OUT

Thin King Heritage Salmon Skin SOLD OUT

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